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On love….

Yesterday I took part in an interview on BBC Local Radio at Radio Sheffield, I was invited to talk about the “God in Love Unites Us” report that was received and voted upon at Methodist Conference last week. Among many … Continue reading

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Towards wholeness, a personal reflection….

The views in this blog post are entirely my own, obviously my story is my story to tell. Yesterday I attended Methodist Conference in Birmingham, I had gone specifically to hear the conversation on the Marriage and Relationships Report and … Continue reading

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Stumbling on….

This week has been a strange week for me, a set back really in my recovery from depression; I have found it hard to motivate myself, twice I went back to bed because I did not have the energy for … Continue reading

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Dying and rising…

I am pondering the story of Lazarus ( John 11), not the part where he dies and is subsequently raised, but wondering what if felt like to be released from his grave clothes to a new chance at life. Did … Continue reading

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Let down?

I am not a stranger to telling people that it okay to be angry with God, that God is more than big enough to take our anger and frustrations, hurts and pains and more than able, and even willing to … Continue reading

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Life lessons…

Most people who read my blog will know that I am struggling with a severe bout of depression at the moment, this is not something I am trying to hide, nor am I ashamed of it, it simply is. I … Continue reading

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Hope remains…

No place to go, No headstone, No memorial, Photos too painful, Memories mixed, Anger, pain, brokenness… Condolences are muted, Or unspoken As there are no words or cards for this, Only an acceptance That what is Is not what might … Continue reading

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Wheat and weeds….

Yesterday, and about a week before I had blogged about living with depression, what it means for me, and how it feels. I hope that I wasn’t being too self indulgent or too self-centered, and I apologise if I was, … Continue reading

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Transforming a bad day… writing it out!

Today is a bad day, I wish I could tell you why, why I woke at 5am, with voices and accusations of the past echoing around my head, and why the lists of ought-to-do’s loom large in my mind. I … Continue reading

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Calling the Black Dog by name…

Dear Black Dog, you and I have a strange relationship, at one time you were there in my life making your presence felt everyday, blocking out the sun and demanding attention. I learned to tame you by befriending you, by … Continue reading

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