For Love’s sake

In thes darkended days

where Trump’s tirades

of hatred sweep across our screens,

let us plant love where they have been,

love for those who long to belong,

bin shunned for the colour of their skin,

or where they’ve bin,

or who they’ve bin with,

(for they have dared to love…)

let’s call out belonging-ness, beloved-ness,

and shout out love

over hate

again, and again and again,

let’s take a stand with pride

whatever our colour,

whoever our lover,

and let’s be lovers of all,

for you are loved,

and I am loved,

for all are loved,

all bleed,

all wound,

all heartbeats dance to the sacred tune

of life, and light

that sings on, and on

in the darkness….

and invites us….

will you dance with me,

out into the night,

will you be the light,

will you take up the fight

for loves,

for Love’s sake,

for all to be loved….

About Sally C

How do I describe myself, I am not what I do, (I am a Methodist Minister), I am not who I am related to (I have 5 wonderful children, 2 lovely granddaughters and 2 lovely grandsons). I am a seeker truth, a partaker of life in all it's fullness and a follower, sometimes stumbling, sometimes celebrating of the Christian pathway. I seek wholeness, joy and a connectedness to all things through a deep reconciliation with the God whose love blows my socks off! I love walking, swimming and photography, I dabble with paint and poetry...
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