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On living simply….

I had thought about creating a sitting area, of putting down stone chips and maybe creating a Japanese style garden down there, but business meant that, that didn’t happen, and I am now very glad that it didn’t. Not only … Continue reading

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For Love’s sake

In thes darkended days where Trump’s tirades of hatred sweep across our screens, let us plant love where they have been, love for those who long to belong, bin shunned for the colour of their skin, or where they’ve bin, … Continue reading

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Turning and re-turning (on repentance…)

There are times when we need to turn, and re-turn, to acknowledge how we are and who we are, flawed and fragile, whole and (w)holy loved, that we break and are bruised, and we break and bruise this world, and … Continue reading

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Through death…..

Through death you call me to life, through the fears and the lies I have told myself, and accepted from others through doubts, through the letting go of masks and mechanisms for coping that serve me no longer, (if they … Continue reading

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Under pressure

It is 9:00 am and I am sitting in my pj’s and writing, actually writing to stop myself from beating myself up, because today I had promised myself that I would get up in time to go for a swim, … Continue reading

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Called to life….

Pondering what it is to be called into life, looking at the Biblical story of Lazarus raised from the tomb. Pondering the tombs we find ourselves in, tombs of our own creation and tombs we stumble unwittingly into. Pondering that … Continue reading

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On love….

Yesterday I took part in an interview on BBC Local Radio at Radio Sheffield, I was invited to talk about the “God in Love Unites Us” report that was received and voted upon at Methodist Conference last week. Among many … Continue reading

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Towards wholeness, a personal reflection….

The views in this blog post are entirely my own, obviously my story is my story to tell. Yesterday I attended Methodist Conference in Birmingham, I had gone specifically to hear the conversation on the Marriage and Relationships Report and … Continue reading

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Shame and reality…..

My dear, there is no shame for you are held in love, you may feel the sting, experience the fall, you may stumble, and stutter, you may want to hide, to be strong, capable, to be brave… + but bravery … Continue reading

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